His editorial clients include The National Geographic Society, Audobon, The Sierra Club, National Parks, Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, and many others. Corporate clients include Canon, Patagonia, Orvis, REI, Apple, Microsoft, American Express, and more.

Richard is a highly sought-after teacher and public speaker who accepts several invitations from around the world each year to help educate others on matters of photography, adventure travel, and the natural world. Complete bio.

Photography is not merely documentatry but is instead a form creative human expression. This tenent is central to how Richard approaches his style of photographic art. He tries to find images where powerful, dynamic composition converges with extraordinary light during unrepeatable moments in the wild.

Richard shares this philosophy through his many hands-on photography workhops and instructional tours scheduled all over the United States and the world. Most of these exciting classes fill up many months in advance.

The techniques Richard uses in the field and on the computer are detailed in many of the e-books and videos Richard has written and produced over the past few years. Topics such as composition, light, and image processing are just a few of the areas he has chosen to write about and are available in the Earth and Light e-Store.

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