Available November 1, The Great Smoky Mountains: Behind the Lens

My new eBook, The Great Smoky Mountains: Behind the Lens will be available for purchase form my e-store November 1 if all goes as planned. I am still finishing up the final chapters and re-writing a few others.

As yet another tease, the following is a short introduction to the book. It should give you a good idea as to the flavor and tone of the writing.  It’s been an absolute blast to relive the moments behind my favorite Smoky Mountains images as I’ve sat down to write this over the past 2 months.

Author’s Introduction

You could say my love affair with the Great Smoky Mountains all began with a single fish. Well, it was no ordinary fish. It was a handsomely colored brown trout that had just slid through my fingers and back into the cool waters of Deep Creek near Bryson City. It was only my second or third visit to the Smokies and on this occasion, I brought with me a fly rod and a box containing a dozen or so homemade dry flies.

 It was a sunny morning in early May and nature was decked out in all her springtime splendor. The mossy rocks were greener and more vibrant than I had remembered before; the wildflowers more profuse; the water clear like gin. I was also under the spell of a book I just happened to be reading, Harry Middleton’s On the Spine of Time. I desperately wanted to connect to those mountains and this visit was partly the result of that desire. At that time in my life, like Harry, I made connections to most places and people primarily through fly fishing. 

 I made a better than average cast to the head of one of Deep Creek’s long, slick pools and the trout slowly and deliberately took the fly with such an air of innocence that it almost made me feel guilty about my deception. It appeared we were now both hooked, but in my case, it was for life..

 I would eventually become a professional landscape and nature photographer, which I still am to this day. I travel the world with hopes of catching the most epic light cast upon the most dramatic of landscapes this planet has to offer. It’s with the most anticipation, however, when I can visit these mountains, with a camera instead of fly rod, in order to reconnect to these landscapes once again.

Please see more of my photography work on my photography website.

As you can see, this will be a very personal book about a very special place to me. It’s much more than just a how-to book, although I will describe how I captured many of the photos. Rather, it’s mostly about the places themselves, personal anecdotes and stories behind the scenes, and my thoughts about it all.


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    I’m looking forward to it, Richard.

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