Richard Bernabe is a an internationally renowned landscape, wildlife, and travel photographer and widely published author from the United States. His passion for adventure has been the driving force behind his life’s quest to capture the moods and character of the world’s most amazing places, from Africa to the Amazon to the Arctic and countless places in between.

His editorial clients include The National Geographic Society, Audobon, The Sierra Club, National Parks, Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, and many others. Corporate clients include Canon, Patagonia, Orvis, REI, Apple, Microsoft, American Express, and more.

Richard is a highly sought-after teacher and public speaker who accepts many invitations from around the world each year in order to help educate others on matters of photography, adventure travel, and our natural world.

Richard is a contributng editor for Popular Photography Magazine and represented by Offset of New York

In 2003, I left behind a pointless corporate life to pursue a passion: To share with the world my love for wilderness, wild places, and the creatures that inhabit them. Photography just happened to be the most natural way I could personally express what I saw and how I felt about the things and places I loved.

It is often said that art should say much more about the artist than it does about the subject. If this is true, and I do believe it is, than each image you see here on this site contains a little bit of me and how I see the world. I hope they touch and inspire you in the same way that the real experiences touched and inspired me too.

Here's to Truth, Adventure, and Passion....


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