Richard Bernabe is an internationally acclaimed photographer, book author, educator, and keynote speaker from the United States. Clients include National Geographic, CNN, Time, The New York Times, Audubon, The BBC, and many other publications and media organizations. The current focus of Richard’s photography work involves Earth’s endangered species and African wildlife conservation.

The Creative Principle

The following is an excerpt from my new E-book, Creative Composition. It happens to be the very last chapter after outlining and explaining the many compositional “rules” and concepts used in photography and the arts. The Creative Principle Creativity is the process...

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Shoot To Thrill

“When this is in your hands, you are the center of the universe. Not that anything else exists, it certainly does. You are important, this thing empowers you to do whatever the hell you want.” – Mel DiGiacomo, photojournalist  “On the barrel, pretty white letters...

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BenQ SW2700PT Photography Monitor Review

I have to be honest. When BenQ reached out to me to use and comment on their new BenQ SW2700PT photography monitor, I had never even heard of BenQ. I was quite happy with my 24-inch Eizo display, which had been serving me well for the past two years. I had no reason...

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